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"...So now it becomes neccessary to view all in the world
as reflections, and all objects as mirrors....
And then move upon this basis."

(Written on a wall of the Sutro Bath House ruins, S.F., CA. - circa 1994)

'Move Upon This Basis'

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This is a collection of my photomontage work
that manages to fit into the themes above. There's even more at:

If you enjoy what you see here I suggest you check out a book I put together
of darkroom prints done 16 years ago that have never been published:
It's called 'Beach Trip'

I have embellished it with many new digital images which I hope you will enjoy.

Here's where you can check it out:

I also do a blog that talks alot about darkroom montage:

If you're interested in how I go about making my prints in a
traditonal/chemical darkroom, check out my blog, or the 'Darkroom Methods' section at: