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About the Website & the Photographer

This site is a collection of my landscape work,
done over the last 20+ years in California, Arizona & Nevada.
The B&W images are all done in medium format (6x6 or 6x7cm),
Pentax 6x7 or YashicaD TLR,
both using either Agfa 100 or Ilford FP5, processed in Rodinal-1:50.
The digital/color images are all much lower resolution.
(But there's no substitute for 'being there' is there?)

During the '70's, when my interest in photography really blossomed,
I could be found wandering the streets of Georgetown, Wash. DC
and Alexandria, VA. with an old Nikon w/ B&W film,
a 28mm lense, with a yellow or orange filter.
Those were good times, before
the entire DC area got totally taken over by government
& lobbyists, etc., and all they built.
I did architectural photography in the DC area from '82
through '91, a continuation of loving land and buildings,
and what mother nature's great lighting scheme (the sun)
does to them.
Since moving to California/the SF Bay area,
at the end of '91,
I've shot loads of film I think may have possibilities for my
photomontage work (at:
but much of it never ends up there,
so this site is some effort to show many images
that would otherwise never be seen.

Wherever I was, when it looked special,
and you weren't there, but might liked to have been?...
I took a few frames for you, too :-)